PBS’s NOVA showcased us May 26, 2021 (jump to 11:58): link

ABC news loved our Apr 17, 2018 public unveiling of our four Pipistrel Alpha Electro all-electric airplanes: link

The Fresno Bee coverage of the unveiling: link

AOPA article on the arrival of the four Pipistrel Alpha Electros: link

AVweb is excited about our electric airplanes: link

CAFE Foundation‘s coverage of our airplanes’ arrival: link

Aviation International News article sharing the arrival news: link

AOPA‘s first article about the project: link

Check out the videos from our first takeoff and flight from KFCH!
first takeoff Fri, Mar 23, 2018: video
first flight Fri, Mar 23, 2018: video

More videos at our YouTube site: link