We Hit The 100 hour Mark for Endurance Testing!


We have achieved 100 hours of endurance testing to support our petition!!

Last week on the 25th, I reached 100 hours of endurance testing on N197AM, serial number 878 AE 60!  This milestone is significant since it is the amount of testing on a single aircraft that we need to prove the planes comply with ASTM standard F2840-14 for electric power plants in aircraft.  Now that we have successfully proved the aircraft meets that standard, we are in the correct position to finalize our petition for exemption request to the FAA to recertify the aircraft to Special Light Sport category so that we can begin normal flight training operations with them.





Our plan is to formally submit the petition to the FAA in November and then the process takes about 120 days to complete.  There will be a public comment period at some point during the process and we will be notifying all of you that have been monitoring our progress through this blog on how to participate and send in your comments supporting our petition.  Stay tuned…